Donaldo Spumaldi

Born with the perfect excuse: Mom enters the hospital on August 26th at 7 p.m. for the delivery. I arrive at 5:15 a.m. August 27th born late; or as some might see it early, or right on time. Sometimes things happen, as they should, like when I met The Orbitals via a mix match of friendships and contacts. I began playing music at the age of 2 or 3 years old on a little drum kit I received as a gift. I still remember the tropical scene with the cute smiling Hawaiian girl in a grass skirt painted on the bass drum. This drum kit is a memento from a past life as a chronic cave dwelling thumper. My Mom would put on Frank Sinatra records on the phonograph and I would sing along with her and the record. A singing career begins with, "Foggy Day in London Town". The singing habit I have is another remnant from a past life as a missionary monk in South America (ha! ha! ha!). Formal drum lessons began in the 4th grade beating on a drum pad. I have an 8-mm home movie of a back yard family picnic in which I play snares to the music of John Phillips Sousa. The real fun began while I was in 8th grade and started playing on a full drum set. My first gig was at my cousin's 8th grade graduation party. In High School I joined a Tijuana Brass type band playing for weddings, corporation parties, and outdoor festivals and to this day I still do some of these things. For legitimacy and knowledge I studied with a local drummer, Mr. Goshen who knew Gene Krupa. Mr. Goshen influenced me to play "all kinds of great music. " I played with many professionals in the biz, yet I knew there was more to be done musically. I have found a worthy project at The Happy House Studios, with The Orbitals where variety is king. I am a humble member and participant recording with Elroy and Pork Belly Wallace on our first album. Todos vaya con Dios y nosotros muy pacifico.