The Orbitals Story

The Orbitals, a band consisting of many friends who have shared an interest in creating good music and sharing it with the world. Elroy formed the Orbitals in 1987. The Orbitals have recorded over twenty-three songs that are ready for release. Using a digital hard-disk workstation the band is able to produce sparkling recordings. The band is currently devoting their efforts to recording and composing original songs. They recently have added a CD burner to the studio. Graphics for the first CD are now completed.

The Orbitals were formed by Elroy Cabeza in 1987.  The band consists of two men, Elroy Cabeza and Donaldo Spumaldi. The purpose of this musical group is to create and record original music. The Orbitals are influenced by Western music from the periods of 1870 through 1980. The recordings that the band has made demonstrate an intelligent, eclectic style that represents diversification at its best. Their music is characterized by distinctive vocal textures and creative instrumental interplay. Every song composed by The Orbitals is unique and different by never repeating the same creation of parts and sounds from a previous effort. The Orbitals exist to pay respect to the musical greats from another time.