Hey Jambalamba

Hey Jambalamba Group Vocal Sessions:

These are the people who assisted on group vocals for the song, "Hey Jambalamba".

Elroy Cabeza wanted a gigantic vocal sound for the chorus outro, so the more singers the better. Two vocal sessions on April 24th and April 29th were required to obtain the proper sound.

Pictured from left to right: Donaldo Spumaldi, Donna Steiger, Satal Patel, Pork Belly Wallace, Randall Zabel, Chuck Steffen, and Eugene Chang. Not pictured Cathy Izzo and Leslie Jankausky.

Group vocal session to get a HUGE sound! 

Group vocal session to get a HUGE sound! 

Elroy Cabeza meets Cuarteto Minuetto

I was invited to a picnic in LaGrange, Illinois by my friend Edgar Garza.On Sunday, July 18, 1999 I first heard Cuarteto Minuetto. They were magnificent. They play romantic music with three acoustic guitars and a double bass and sing in Spanish. Despite the language barrier I was able to appreciate their performance. On July 31st and August 8th, Eddy Salazar (singer) recorded some demos at the home of The Orbitals; The Happy House Studios.

Welcome Cuarteto Minuetto from Durango, Mexico Hope to see Armando, Eddy, Miguel, and Ruben in the studio soon.