(It Was) The Final Break In My Heart                  Words & Music by Elroy Cabeza

You cracked my soul

Yeah, you shattered me it took its toll

I can’t describe

My feelings of pain deep inside

Yeah, when you left

It was the final break in my heart


I love you darling

Tempting and lovely I was a fool

I want you darling

She became someone I didn’t know

I never had you all at once

Restless feelings, I’m punctured by your scorn


You turned your back on me

All I asked for was romance

You won’t love for me

You tell me I’m no good

I never hurt like I did with you

The loneliness I can’t stand

I’m not even considered half a man


She’s a mean wicked woman

Look at how she mistreated me

Her venomous rejection

Set my black mood of dejection

Oh, I can’t go on

It was the final break in my heart

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