I’m Sorry If I Ruined Your Life                                                  Words & Music by Elroy Cabeza

She said, “I’m sorry if I ruined your life”

I don’t want to be your wife

You don’t matter much to me


She said, “ I don’t get along with you”

I don’t want to be with you

You don’t exist to me


It’s Mother Nature come to call

Built in excuse to build a wall

Separated by a fake headache


In my time of drastic need

Rely on you girl hear my pleas

Ignored only by apologies

I lived the words of a country song

A tale where my true love went wrong


Now I’m alone

Now I’m alone

Now I’m alone


I said, “ You couldn’t come face to face”

To tell me that I’ve been aced

You know I’ve been done away


You put me in a gunnysack

To make me dead like a drowned cat

I have been wiped out

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