The Trouble With Money                                                                                Words & Music by Elroy Cabeza


Nothing in my hand (no, no)

It’s slipping through my fingers

Through your greasy palms

Deep down into your pocket

You stole all the money

That’s the trouble with it all (that’s the trouble with a money) – 2x

I can’t pay the vig

Won’t you please forgive

I’m in too deep in debt

You won’t let me forget


You know I went broke

It went up in smoke

I ain’t got enough

She took all my stuff

If you think it is for free

She’ll charge you money (She’ll charge you money) –2x

License to operate

A chance to desecrate

The ring ain’t on your finger

She put it right through your nose


Pachyderm loot the hoard (woo)

Jackass acting bored

Official face corrupt

Dark suits bankrupt

Apply a price tag

To all that is dear (sacred)

Bribe who own and loan

Let’s make a deal

The receipt of deceit

And you’re left holding the bag


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